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Pricing & FAQ's

Wondering about how this works? Scroll down to learn about our pricing, and the rental process with Calgary Snoo Rentals. 

What is the cost? 

No hidden fees. You choose how long you would like to reserve a Snoo for (1- 6 months). In order to secure your rental, you will be charged a non refundable, one time booking fee of $75 + gst. On the day that your rental starts, you will be automatically billed $150 + gst. This will reoccur each month until you cancel your rental or your reservation ends. 

What is included in the rental?

Your rental includes a fully cleaned & sanitized Snoo bassinet, 6 new or gently used Snoo sacks (2 S, M, L), and two sheets. You are more than welcome to purchase your own sacks and sheets if you prefer, but the rental rates stay the same. Delivery & pick-up is free within Airdrie & Calgary city limits. 

What is your cancellation policy?

 Cancelling Prior to Rental:  Your booking deposit of $75 +gst is due at the time of booking, paid via Square or Checkfront invoice. This is a non-refundable fee to reserve your Snoo.  

Cancelling during your Rental: If you find that the Snoo is not working out for you or your baby, please let us know at least 10 days before your next monthly billing date, as indicated on your invoice. We will cancel your invoice and arrange a pick-up within 1 week. 

How do you clean the Snoo between rentals? 

Every bassinet is thoroughly cleaned & sanitized between rentals. We keep our Snoos in excellent condition by:

1. Vacuuming
2. Removal/cleaning of all fabrics with baby friendly, non-toxic cleaners.

3. Steam sanitation

4. Careful re-assembly and inspection.  

What if I damage, lose, or return the Snoo really dirty? 

You are responsible for the rental item(s) once they are delivered to you, and they must be returned in the condition they were received. Please do not allow smoking/incense near any of the equipment as fibers and plastics can absorb the odor. If items are returned to us extra dirty (including vomit, diaper explosions, or smelling of smoke) you will be charged a reconditioning fee of up to $50/Snoo. In the event that an item cannot be fully cleaned/repaired, you will be charged the fair market value to replace the item. Please contact us for details on how to properly clean the Snoo mesh/crevices if needed. We know babies are messy... puke happens. We also understand that there will be normal wear to the Snoo sacks, as they are frequently washed.  


In the unfortunate event that an item is severely damaged, lost, or stolen, you will be charged a reasonable fee to repair the item, or fair market value (plus shipping) to replace the item. Don't worry, our warranty covers mechanical failure in the event that a well-cared for bassinet malfunctions. 

What if I have more questions?

Our most efficient way of supporting our customers is via email. I'm a mama of two and can't always answer my phone immediately. Please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a response!


Click below to request a Snoo or ask a question.

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