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1 / What does it cost? 

$169/month + GST (5.45/day). 
Rentals shorter than 1 month (eg. vacation) will be charged a flat rate of $169 + GST.  Contact for availability. 

You choose a desired term length between 1 - 6 months, with most parents choosing 3, 4, or 5 months. While we can't yet offer month-to-month rentals, (we hope to eventually), we have a fantastic trial guarantee and cancellation policy, keep reading to learn more.

Your first month's fees of $169 + tax (non-refundable) are due at the time of booking (paid via Square invoice) in order to secure your rental. The remainder is charged after your trial period. No hidden fees, we promise. 

2 / What's Included? 

Your rental includes a fully cleaned & sanitized rental Snoo bassinet, 6 snoo sacks (2 of each size, stripped and sanitized with baby-friendly products), and 2 bassinet sheets. You are more than welcome to purchase your own sacks and sheets if you prefer, but the rental rates stay the same. Delivery & Pick-up is free within Calgary! 

3 / What if my baby doesn't like it? 

Good news! We have a trial period. If you find out your baby doesn't like the Snoo after trying it out for a few weeks, you can cancel your remaining rental term (see our cancellation policy below). We start your 28 day trial period on your due date, or your Snoo delivery date if your baby is already here. If you find the Snoo doesn't work for your little one, we will cancel the charge for your remaining fees and arrange a pick-up. 

4 / What is your cancellation policy? 

Cancelling Prior to Rental:  Your first month’s rental fees ($169.00 + GST)  are due at the time of booking, paid via square invoice. This is a non-refundable fee to secure your rental period. 

Cancelling during your trial period: If you find that you or your baby does not like the Snoo after trying it for a few weeks, please let us know by the trial end date listed on your invoice. Your remaining fees (Months 2-6) will not be charged, and no cancellation fees will apply. Please let us know if your baby is born much later than your due date, as we can extend your trial period to give you a fair chance to try it. 

Cancelling after your trial period: The remainder of your rental fees are due the day after your trial end date. If you decide to cancel your Snoo rental after this date, your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the cost for the completed days, plus 50% of the fees for the remaining days in your rental. The remaining amount will be refunded back to you within 7-10 business days following pick-up of the unit.

5 / What if I damage, lose, or return the Snoo really dirty? 

You are responsible for the rental item(s) once they are delivered to you, and they must be returned in the condition they were received. Please do not allow smoking/incense near any of the equipment as fibers and plastics can absorb the odor. If items are returned to us extra dirty (including vomit, diaper explosions, pet hair, or smelling of smoke) you will be charged a reconditioning fee of up to $50/Snoo. In the event that an item cannot be fully cleaned/repaired, you will be charged the fair market value to replace the item. Please contact us for details on how to properly clean the Snoo mesh/crevices if needed. We know babies are messy... puke happens. We also understand that there will be normal wear to the Snoo sacks, as they are frequently washed.  


In the unfortunate event that an item is severely damaged, lost, or stolen, you will be charged a reasonable fee to repair the item, or fair market value (plus shipping) to replace the item. Don't worry, our warranty covers mechanical failure in the event that a well-cared for bassinet malfunctions. 

6 / Why should I rent vs. buy? 

It all comes down to cost, risk, and convenience. With a rental Snoo, you only risk "losing" your first month's fees ($169+tax) if it doesn't help your little one sleep blissfully. You also get troubleshooting support when you need it, as well as a free delivery. We can also provide a 1:1 Snoo orientation if you would like, please inquire if you would like this service when your Snoo is delivered.

Buying a new Snoo with extra swaddles and sheets will cost over $2000 if no sales are available when you need to purchase. A 4-month rental works out to approx. $676 + tax, likely less than you would pay by buying new and later selling your gently used Snoo. 

While purchasing a used Snoo is also an option, many have been treated poorly, not cleaned effectively (think baby puke in the mesh and mechanical components), and are no longer under warranty - as the company's mechanical warranty is NOT transferrable to new owners. When you rent with us, you get a fully cleaned, inspected, and sanitized unit. If something isn't working right for some reason outside of your control, it's on us to fix it or get you a properly functioning unit. 

7 / How do you clean the Snoos between rentals?

Every bassinet is thoroughly sanitized between rentals. We keep our fleet in pristine condition by:

1. Vacuuming
2. Cleaning all parts and fabrics with baby friendly, non-toxic cleaners. Snoo sacks are stripped and sanitized using tide free and gentle, and RLR laundry treatment.  
3. Steam sanitation
4. Dry 
5. Safe Re-assembly according to manufacturer instructions. 

8 / What if I have more questions? 

Our most efficient way of supporting our customers is via email. I'm a mama too and can't always answer my phone immediately. Please send us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours (but often sooner than that) with a response!

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Great from start to finish! We initially only had the snoo rented from August-December for our baby but we ended up extending to the end of January because it was SO worth it. After 8 weeks our daughter was able to sleep 6+ hour stretches, her naps were always long, and it helped a lot through the 4 month sleep regression.

Lindsey was super kind throughout the entire process, and the rental rate is very reasonable given the cost of buying a Snoo outright + how much it improves EVERYONE'S sleep.

- K 

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